My dream is to win big on blackjack

I really like to play some aussie blackjack every now and then. It’s fun and exciting and all and I even win some money occasionally. We’re not talking about big money here or any but a few dollar from time to time which is really nice. My dream is to hit it big someday though, score at total jackpot and rake home bundles of lovely money. Then I could basically everything I wanted to do I guess and that would be so great. No more working graveyard shifts at work. In fact I just might quit my current job altogether. I’m not sure though as it is really nice and even good for you to have some place to go to everyday. Some guys flip out and go crazy from staying at home and doing whatever they please. Just look at Howard Hughes, now there was a real kook and I don’t want that happening to me.

Not quite the poker shark

A lot of my friends spend a lot of time playing poker and have been doing so for quite a while now. Some of them have become really good too and one of them actually take part in these official tournaments every now and then. I myself tried to get into poker, I tried hard but it soon became evident that poker’s just not for me. Haven’t got the nerve for it basically, which shows. Cause you know, the guys who know what they’re doing pick up on that immediately and I might just as well wear a sign on my chest telling everyone which cards I’m currently holding, I’m that obvious. But I do like the casino milieu and everything. Gambling is a lot of fun and I enjoy it a lot. Which is my I’m so glad that there are alternatives for us who really suck at poker and similar games. My current favorite is hulk slots online, which is basically a combo of regular slot type games with element of the Incredible Hulk comic (which has been a favorite since early childhood) incorporated. Good stuff, that.

Not a very good skier

I need to invest in a new ski helmet her pretty soon, aint no question about that man. This time I’m probably going to go for some kind of Poc helmet because POC Helmets easily are the best ones available on the market these days and I mean the pros use em and everything and I would like to do that too. Now, I am not a very good skier and I will most likely never be either and that just another reason for getting a good helmet as I’m bound to fall every now and then and I might even sustains serious brain injury if I do take steps to protect myself properly. The only issue right now is that I’m kind of low on cash these days and I guess these helmets aren’t exactly free now but well I’ll just have to work it out somehow.

I’m thinking of maybe starting my own company

I’m thinking of maybe starting my own company because I have a friend who has an SEO domains business and it goes really well for him, and he earns a lot of money which is very good and I would also like to do that because I have nothing against earning some more money and if you have your own business, there’s no limit to how much money you can earn. I could never negotiate about my salary because it feels really stupid, I must say. I think it would suit me fine to have my own business because I do not like to be an employee actually although there are many advantages to having a steady job, such that you can be sure to have money for the rent each months and that cannot be said about having your own business and it may feel a little insecure I think.

I’ve got enough issues

I have got to do something here. ASAP. Because well… things ain’t that great. I have got some serious issue at this point. There is probably lots of mould in my apartment for one. Not just a little mould behind the bathtub either. No we’re probably talking about a full scale infestation here. So I should probably try to get hold of a professional sanitation firm who can come and do the mould remediation that I need, before it’s too late. Because it could be you know. One day I’ll stand there with no other option than moving to another place or tearing this one apart and I wouldn’t want that, seems like a real hassle and I have got more than enough issues as it stands right now.

Not quite in the game

I have a clear idea several years here that we are not completely in the game here, in terms of SEO is. For example, I highly doubt that our backlink checker quite as potent and reliable as one could wish for. The question is whether there can be such that it is directly inferior, I’m leaning even access and many with me that these fears are not entirely justified, they have at least some sort of foundation and it just that bit goes a long way to worry in the day mode. For it is undeniable that we are trying to sustain a for-profit business here. Actually, it should not hide the fact, clear that we do not agree with something fuzzy hippie experiment or pointless games. No, we are dependent on being able to withdraw money here and that thing may well not compromising. Profitability is of course before anything else in this situation, it is especially in the SEO industry.